Testimonials from Our Customers

Amazing feedback from our Macbryte customers

" I started to train on Mac when I had No knowledge at all. I was a total beginner.

Only after few professional lessons, I feel confident of doing my day to day business on a Mac. Your instructional ability and knowledge of your profession is just great. We look forward to taking more lessons from you in the near future.

We thank you for help in learning."

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- Jay

“ I have been working with MacBryte for a few months and give them a 5-star rating. They really know Mac computers! No matter what your level of knowledge or experience you have already, their services are always professional and patient. MacBryte makes the complicated seem easy. I highly recommend them. ”

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- Doug

" I really appreciate your patience in dealing with my many questions, & introducing me to the wonderful possibilities available in my computer.  I look forward to our next session."

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- Jane

" Thank you for your time and training provided on the Apple laptop that we invested on lately... You demonstrated good teaching skills and understanding on the subject!

It was a pleasure learning from you."

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- Rita

" As a first time user of an iMac computer, I greatly appreciate your patient and methodical approach to teaching. Focussing on basics first enabled me to get started with my iMac after the first session. Each addition session builds on the previous one so I am able to learn at my own pace. I would certainly recommend your service to friends or family. "

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- Ian

I have worked with MacBryte for a few months and give them a 5-star rating. I’m impressed with the patience of the coach. No matter what my level of knowledge or experience, the coaches' services were always thorough and professionally delivered. The MacBryte coach/owner makes the complex seem logical when he breaks it all down into the basic components. "

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- ken

“ Our sessions with you were wonderful. They are very organized, knowledgeable, methodological and patient. We aren’t beginners, but still learned a great deal and appreciated his coaching style. Our teacher  patiently gave us lessons & even showed us neat tricks, as well as answered all our questions to our satisfaction. The MacBryte team meets you where you are, and hand-holds you to the next level of your growth. Thanks so much for everything. ”

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- Monika

“ I have been taking computer lessons from MacBryte for the last couple of months. As a first time user of MacBook, I truly enjoyed learning  from the MacBryte trainer, who is very patient and always thorough. I especially liked One-On-One lessons. In addition to these One-On-One lessons, the trainer is always there to help me solve my personal computer related problems. This type of approach by MacBryte is highly appreciated and deserves excellence rating.”

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- om

" I have had quite a number of negative computer experiences over the years. I decided to use the time Covid afforded me to improve my skills and MacBryte Training is helping me with that. I like the one on one sessions as it is less stressful and the step by step approach as it builds up my confidence. Most of all, I love that my teacher is so patient with me and keen that I should understand. "

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" Teaching skills are excellent: if I didn’t understand using one approach, the coach would resort to another...and with much patience. "

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- helene

" I recently purchased a Mac computer on the recommendation of the owner of MacBryte. I am very glad and pleased that I did. I have been taking lessons from his company which has helped me immensely . The lessons are logical and easy to follow. I highly recommend MacBryte. "

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- bonnie

" I recently bought a Mac computer never having used one before. The teaching methods you use allow me to take the extra time I need on each section. This is a perfect fit for me and I am enjoying trying out new skills. I appreciate your patience. "

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- Sheena

" I am currently doing online training with MacBryte to enhance my computer skills. Although not a new Apple user, I am both filling in the gaps & learning how to use more features on my MacBook. I look forward to learning how to sync my new iPhone with the laptop. I particularly appreciate the structured lesson plan and being able to see each other on Zoom. This allows for easier feedback as we practice new skills and makes for effective distance learning."

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- cathie

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