Frequently Asked Questions

What are your main services?

We provide quality computer or tech training for your Mac (Apple) or Personal Computer (Windows).

How is your training any different than other companies?

Our quality one-on-one training is done remotely. We specialize in training people on their own computers in the comfort of their home. We will connect to your computer remotely and provide a quality training session.

What other services do you provide other than training on a Mac or PC computer?

We can take care of all your technology needs. This includes setting up and training you on your iPad, iPhone, Apple TV etc.

Can I try your service for free?

Yes, we offer 30 minutes of free training to all new customers.

Do you also offer computer back up services?

Yes, we will take care of all your backup needs. We will make sure all your data is continuously backed up to the cloud ensuring safety of those precious pictures and other important documents.

Who is your main focus?

We are able to provide training to people at all ages. We do specialize in training seniors. Do you have parents who need some quality training on how to use their computer or connect your iPad? We have hours of experience coaching seniors.

We can help them set up their email, join video conferencing and even teach them how to do their banking online in a safe and secure environment.

What do your customers say about your training services?

Glad you asked! Just read the testimonials from our clients.